What are the Struggles of Veteran Transition & How Martial Arts Gives Purpose, Exercise & Community?

Giving service to your country is one of the noblest things you can do. When veterans return from that service, there are many different struggles that they face. While their families are thrilled to have them back from deployment, there might be some scars that aren’t visible, but no less real. Understanding some of the struggles that veterans face when they are integrating back into society after serving their country can be helpful. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to talk about some of the unique challenges that veterans face when they are working to integrate themselves into normal society again.

Challenges for Veterans Integrating into Society After Deployment

We would like to address some of the struggles that veterans face after a deployment. Here are some of the ways that they struggle so that those they love can help better support them:
– Difficulty Managing Emotions: There are many veterans that struggle with strong emotions. A lot of these emotions come from experiencing so much stress while being deployed. High levels of anxiety are a common emotion felt when out on deployment. It is encouraged that soldiers are hyper-vigilant when in combat situations. It can be difficult to turn these emotions off once returning home. They often feel easily triggered and on edge. It can make family life, employment and other areas of life challenging.
– Loss of Purpose: Everyone feels loneliness at one point or another. However, when you have been deployed, it often gives soldiers the feeling that they are out fighting for something larger than themselves. It is normal to feel a loss of purpose when coming home and no longer having that goal that you’re working toward.
– Mental Illness: There are many veterans that struggle with mental health due to depression and PTSD. This can lead to issues with alcohol and drug abuse which only makes things worse.

How Martial Arts Can Help

When veterans are struggling to integrate back into society, one way that they can do it is with martial arts. Training in martial arts can help veterans feel purpose again as well as a sense of community that can help to enrich their lives. The physical exercise can also be beneficial in combating mental illnesses that many veterans struggle with. Martial arts require a great deal of focus that can often help soldiers work to heal from the trauma that they experienced while being deployed.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Milford & Troy, Michigan

At Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation, we work with veterans to help them find peace, healing and physical fitness that can help them as they work to integrate back into society after the trauma of being deployed. Our programs work to give veterans the community they need to feel supported during this important transition in their lives. If you are struggling with some of the challenges listed above, you can turn to us for help. Call us today!

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