Why is Exercise, Nutrition & Mental Health Important for Veterans? Group Physical Fitness & More

There are several challenges that veterans face when they are moving into a civilian lifestyle that many people simply can’t and won’t understand. While nutrition and fitness should part of everyone’s lifestyle, it is especially important for veterans. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to talk about why nutrition and fitness need to work together to help our veterans live the best life possible.

Role Nutrition Plays in a Veterans Mental Health

It is no secret that the way we eat can have a large impact on how we feel. It can negatively impact our physical health if we aren’t making good choices with food. However, what many people don’t realize is that the food we eat can also impact our mental health. This is especially true for veterans. Adequate nutrition can play a large role in managing symptoms of PTSD as well as other mental health challenges that many veterans are facing. Finding a nutrition plan that will ensure you are getting a balanced diet can be life changing.

Engaging the Mind & Body in Exercise

For veterans, normal exercise routines aren’t going to pay off as well as exercise routines that come with a connection between both the mind and the body. This is what makes workouts like yoga and martial arts so valuable. Finding your center is vital is helping you achieve your goals. Physical fitness releases endorphins that can be a game changer for veterans. Learning to have control over your mind as you make purposeful movements in martial arts can help veterans find meaning in their lives as well as healing.

Physical Fitness in Group Settings

For veterans, finding a community of people that they can trust and rely on as they get the exercise that they need is important. Group exercises are a great way to get the support that veterans need. This is yet another benefit that comes with participating in martial arts. You can work on your physical wellness as well as your mental wellness with a group of others that understand where you’re coming from.

Spend Time Outside

Another thing that veterans should consider is the amount of time they are spending in an outdoor setting. There are studies that have proven how beneficial it can be to spend time outside. The sun and fresh air are good for the soul. Consider spending time exercising in the outdoors as much as you can.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Milford & Troy, Michigan

If you are a veteran that is looking for a community that will offer you the support and kinship that you need to do some healing and live a healthy life, you can turn to Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation. As we train together in martial arts, you will find that your mental and physical health are improving and you are able to life that you love. Call us today!

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