Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Martial Arts to Be Taught to Disabled Military Veterans

Martial arts is a discipline for the body, mind and spirit. For our service men and women, this statement rings true. However, for those who have been injured in the call to serve our country, they may be full of spirit, have focus of mind and discipline, but their body may have limitations. Our Veterans often come home with a number of different injuries or disabilities where many may feel they no longer can do the things they want to do including training in martial arts. For those with a desire to learn martial arts, whether it is for self-defense, to compete and win, or to just challenge themselves, injured Veterans can still train in martial arts. Foxhole would like to share how martial arts is for everyone and most especially our disabled veterans.

Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Martial Arts to Be Taught to Military Veterans

Martial arts is a codified system of traditions in combat. Throughout the years and world there are many different systems of combat or martial arts that has their own emphasis and or style. Each person will find themselves drawn to a certain style of martial arts. However, all martial arts will have the same benefits. Martial arts is great exercise that strengthens the body. It helps to push your mentally and give you the opportunity to dig deep to find the inner spirit. Martial arts bring together a community of like minds where each person develops and grows in their own training. For our Veterans, finding a community can be lifesaving. Our disabled Veterans often face greater challenges, so it helps to find the right martial art to fit their body and interest. Knowing about the different martial arts and their emphasis can help a disabled veteran find the right art for them.
Boxing – Boxing is often referred to as a “combat sport” where two people enter into the ring and fight to be their best. Boxing is more than just throwing out punches. It is the study of power, technique and topping your opponent. In boxing you remain standing, mostly involving your upper body while drawing power from your core.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that focuses on grappling, ground work and submission holds. However, some Brazilian Jui-Jitsu may incorporate some strikes. Like MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was adapted to sport based competition. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is another high competitive martial art that brings out the best in any who practices this discipline.
Mixed Martial Arts – One of the more popular martial art systems due to UFC, is mixed martial arts or (MMA) and is truly an intense training discipline. Mixed martial arts, as the name suggests, focuses on strikes, grappling and ground fighting. As much as MMA is a martial art, it is also a sport that has rules each fighter follows during competitions. MMA often brings out that spirit and will to win. However, not all will choose to compete. For some, the training, discipline and occasional friendly challenge is enough.
Muay Thai – The “Art of Eight Limb” is a Thai form of boxing that combines the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. The root of Muay Thai is really old, dating back to the Siamese army and used for war and combat. Muay Thai uses a number of strikes and forms, and today it has been adapted into a sport.

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The question is “are these martial art systems good for disabled Veterans?” Yes, martial arts is for everyone and are very adaptable and can be tailored. Martial arts is the training of the body, regardless of its condition. There are many examples of disabled champions. It is the mission of Foxhole to give our Veterans a place and opportunity to train in martial arts and to overcome challenges together.

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