How Martial Arts Improves the Lives of Veterans at Home & Work? Improved Health, Less Stress & More

Having a family and working a 40 hour work week can be a challenge for any average individual. However, for a veteran, that is even more challenging. Many veterans are dealing with some sort of trauma that can make life especially difficult in many ways that the normal civilian simply wouldn’t understand. However, studies show that martial arts have the ability to improve both the personal and professional lives of veterans. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to talk about how martial arts can help deepen professional and family relationships for veterans.

Improved Health

At first glance, the only reason why someone would participate in martial arts training is to live a more fit lifestyle. However, the health benefits for veterans that participate in martial arts goes much deeper than that. It can help to avoid chronic health problems down the road that can be challenging for anyone, but especially veterans. Veterans who have been deployed aren’t used to sitting at a desk from 9-5 or other sedentary work. Having martial arts to keep them fit can be a game changer.

Reduced Stress

Not only do veterans have the normal stresses that we all deal with daily, but they often have PTSD that they are working through as well. There are studies that show that martial arts can help work through issues with PTSD for veterans as they have a sense of community and the support that they need to get better.

Added Helpful Responsibility

Not all responsibilities can be helpful. However, when veterans are training in martial arts, there is a sense of purpose woven into this type of training. It can help veterans take on more responsibility when they are at home and work. This is what happens when responsibility is taken on in martial arts training, it starts to leak into other parts of your life as well.

Learn Respect, Regardless of Status

In the military, there are certain positions that are going to earn more respect than others. However, in martial arts, it’s easy to get lost in the training and forget about all that. In martial arts, everyone is going to have something to offer, so don’t dismiss anyone as not being a threat. You might be taken down by the scrawny teenager or the older woman. This level of respect can be helpful for veterans as they transition to civilian life.

Increased Confidence

Sometimes, veterans are stripped of all their confidence. This isn’t a healthy place anyone to be. However, martial arts can help veterans take back that confidence that is rightfully theirs. They will once again learn to carry themselves with conviction.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Milford & Troy, Michigan

If you are a veteran that is struggling with your transition to civilian life, you can turn to Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation for the help you need as we train you in martial arts. Call us today!

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