How Can Veteran Martial Arts Injuries Be Prevented? Proper Technique, Warm Up, Cool Down & More

Whenever you are participating in vigorous exercise like you are when doing martial arts, there is a risk of injury that is present. Even for veterans that have taken the necessary time it takes to stay fit and active, there is an inherent risk of injury. However, there are some things that can be done to help minimize this risk. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to share some tips that will hopefully help keep our veterans safe from injury when participating in our marital arts program.

Importance of Injury Prevention for Veterans Participating in Martial Arts

Martial arts are more than a simple workout. When veterans go through a martial arts program, they are physically exercising as well as practicing self discipline and self defense skills. However good this is for their body and mind, there is a risk of injury that should always be addressed and avoided at all costs. There are several things that can be done to help protect veterans from injury when participating in a martial arts program.
– Stay Hydrated: Most people know how important hydration is for the body and mind, but it is especially important whenever you are exerting yourself physically. Constantly drinking water in between training breaks is a great way to protect yourself from injury.
– Proper Nutrition: The effect of nutrition on your overall health cannot be understated. Replenishing your body with the nutrients that it needs will help give it the physical strength needed to train in martial arts. It can also play a role in protecting your body from injury.
– Proper Technique: One main focus in martial arts is technique and form. This can be helpful in avoiding injury. Constantly reviewing technique and form can help veterans avoid costly injuries that would otherwise put their martial arts practice on hold.
– Warm Up & Cool Down: Athletes and veterans often underestimate the power in a proper warm up and cool down before and after martial arts practice. Dynamic stretching and light cardiovascular exercise before starting your training can get your muscles and joints ready for the workout. After the workout is finished, a proper cool down can help eliminate or minimize soreness.
– Listen to Your Body: It can be easy to overtrain and end up hurting yourself when you are training in martial arts. This is why it is so vital to listen to your body when training. Making sure that you’re getting adequate recovery time between workouts and stopping when you are starting to feel that your body has had enough is essential.

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If you are a veteran that is looking for a sense of community and physical activity, you can turn to Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation to provide you with the support that you need. We know how important this is for our veterans. Let us help you be your fittest physically and mentally. Call us today!

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