What Exercises are Good for Veteran PTSD? Do Martial Arts Strengthen Mind & Body?

When those that serve in the military get home from a deployment, it can be an exciting time. Their family and friends are often so anxious to have them back. However, what happens when they have seen so much trauma in their time away that they aren’t completely the same person they were when they left? It can be difficult for everyone involved, but especially those that faithfully served. PTSD is something that can seem like an insurmountable obstacle that takes time and healing to overcome. Just like any other injury, there are therapies and other tools that can help those suffering from this illness. Studies are showing that martial arts can be a tool in helping veterans heal when they experience PTSD. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to talk more about how martial arts can be helpful for those that are struggling with PTSD.

Martial Arts Help Connect Body & Mind

What many people don’t realize about martial arts is that it teaches the value in developing a good relationship with power and connects both the body and mind. It is a way to express emotions that you wouldn’t be able to express otherwise. Many people find that is also help them practice the self care that is needed to set and maintain healthy boundaries in your life. This connection within yourself can give you the space that you need to heal. Veterans have reported that this form of self discipline has been life changing and exactly what they needed to help them step back from the edge.

Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts for Veterans

There are many benefits that veterans can see when they turn to mixed martial arts. Here are some of the ways it can help improve their overall well-being:
– Improved Sleep: Those that suffer from PTSD often report that they have a difficult time sleeping at night as they toss and turn with nightmares from their past experiences and trauma. This is usually because the circadian rhythm is desynchronized. Physical exertion can help balance this back out.
– Mental Sharpness: The physical exertion of MMA can help increase your mental sharpness. Improve brain function and memory can help you deal with stresses from the past.
– Combats Depression: The social interaction that is a part of MMA can do wonders from those that struggle with depression along with their PTSD. The change in environment along with the social side of MMA is vital to your mental health.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Milford & Troy, Michigan

After committing yourself to defending America in your military service, it is our goal at Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation to help you find yourself again. We have created a space of healing and self discipline that provides veterans with a safe space to work through the PTSD and other struggles that come with deployment. Let us help you heal. Call us today!

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