What is Mental Toughness in Martial Arts? Perseverance, Goal Setting, Resilience & More

When most people think about martial arts, they think about physical fitness, strength and even technique. What many people might not realize is that it goes far beyond that. When you are enveloped in the world of martial arts, you have a mental toughness that is hard to get anywhere else. This is why it is such a good fit for our veterans. Those that struggle to find their niche back in normal society. Foxhole Veterans Charity Foundation is here to talk about the connection between martial arts and how it can benefit our veterans.

How Does Martial Arts Foster Mental Toughness?

There is a mental workout going on when you are learning martial arts. It is one that is hard to replicate in any other type of physical fitness. Following are some of the ways that martial arts can help foster mental toughness.
– Perseverance: Beyond just practicing a new technique when learning martial arts, you have to be willing to repeat it over and over again until you have mastered it. This can be a frustrating process, but it is one that will help build perseverance.
– Failure: Dealing with failure is hard for anyone. When you’re learning martial arts, it is part of the process. You have to be able to face failure and even accept it. The way that you respond to failure matters. In martial arts, you learn how to continue to persevere even when you fail the first time or first ten times.
– Goal Setting: Not only will you set goals in your martial arts training, but it gives you the skills to set goals in your life. If you are a veteran that is trying to deal with some trauma, this can help you see the bigger picture in your effort to heal.
– Resilience: As you fail at different techniques before you master them, you will be able to gain resilience that can suit you in many different aspects of your life. Whether it is your family life or your professional life, it can be beneficial.
– Adaptation to Change: Change is hard for many people. It can be especially hard for veterans who are coming out of traumatic experience. A martial arts mindset can help overcome the difficulty that is involved with change.
– Stress Management: Stress and anxiety are common struggles for our veterans. Finding a way to lessen these burdens is one of the goals in martial arts training. Learning to stay calm and composed in high stress settings is good for anyone, but it is especially goo for a healing veteran.

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At Foxhole Veteran Charity Foundation, we work to help our veterans heal in ways that they can’t otherwise. It is our goal to give veterans the support they need to overcome some of the challenges that they might be facing in their professional and personal lives through martial arts. Call us today!

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