Why Military Veterans Should Do Martial Arts; Stay in Shape, Coping Mechanism & More

When it comes to those who have bravely served our country, we want to give an honest and heartfelt thank you. We are incredibly indebted to the servicemen and women in this country. While martial arts can benefit anybody who decides to learn and grow in this skill, it can be especially beneficial to veterans for a number of different reasons. Foxhole is here to share some of the unique ways that martial arts can benefit veterans.

Benefits of Martial Arts for Veterans

As mentioned above, there are several benefits that veterans will see when they move into the world of martial arts. Following are just a few to think about:
– Staying in Shape: When you weren’t smack dab in the middle of active duty, it can be easy to get out of shape. It is always alarming how quickly this happens. Not only can martial arts help you stay in shape, but it can also help you stay fresh on your combat skills. Taking care of your body is something that is extremely important to most veterans.
– Intensity: Many of the civilian activities that are available to veterans leave them feeling bored. When it comes to martial arts, that isn’t something you have to worry about. The intensity of this sport is something that many veterans find refreshing. Even though martial arts are intense, they are also safe and fun.
– Coping Mechanism: For many veterans, PTSD is something that can be a daily struggl Martial arts would never claim to be able to replace therapy, but it can be a helpful coping mechanism for those that struggle with PTSD.
– Extreme Sport: There are many veterans that are used to working under high stress situations. It is not uncommon for these people to find great fulfillment in participating in extreme sports. Martial arts definitely falls under that category.
– Camaraderie: Many veterans say that they miss the brotherhood and camaraderie that they feel when they are in active duty. Martial arts can provide that same feeling of camaraderie. While martial arts is an individual sport, you still need to rely on the help of others to perfect the skill. There is always somebody there to cheer you on and coach you through.

Top Martial Art Disciplines Recommended for Veterans

There are two types of martial arts that are most highly recommended for veterans: kickboxing and jujitsu. Both of these forms of martial arts promote health and safety. You would be hard pressed to find any other extreme sport that can be both incredibly intense as well as safe.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Troy, Michigan

If you are a veteran that is looking for a way to find enjoyment and fulfillment in your life, martial arts might just be the answer. At Foxhole, we assist veterans as they return to society through the beauty of martial arts. We will help you find a place of brotherhood and camaraderie here with us. Call us today!

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