Why Exercise is Good for Veterans Post-Deployment; Improve Mood, Better Night’s Sleep & More

While serving in the military is a life changing experience, it also affects our service men and women physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our service men and women often encounter situations that they will never forget which can leave invisible and physical scars. It is important that our service men and women have a place where they can heal and adapt to the changes of post deployment life. Foxhole would like to share the benefits of exercise and martial arts that can aid veterans with all experiences.

Exercise Improves Mood

Exercise has many physiological benefits, whether you run, swim, lift weights or train in martial arts, everyone will agree they feel better after a good workout. Exercise helps to release both adrenaline and endorphins that improve both mood and self-confidence. Many of our veterans often look for ways to help them stay feeling good and positive. With routine exercise it helps veterans constantly regulate their mood and feel positive.

Stay Mentally Sharp

Physical exercise doesn’t just strengthen the body but it also has been proven to improve the mind. While in the service, veterans undergo a lot of training to improve their body and mind. Once their service is done there is no reason to stop training. Exercise helps maintain focus and mental edge. Martial arts is the perfect way to change both the mind and body and introduce new and different challenges each time you step on the mat.

Fight Against Depression

After coming home from service, veterans often find themselves combating a new enemy, depression. As each person will need to find the right way to combat their depression, and the answer will vary from person to person, many people claim exercise has helped them a lot. Going to the gym or studio is an excellent place to combat depression with social interactions between other people. Depression comes when a person becomes isolated or feels lonely. It is important to stay connected with others and stay active with a like community of people.

Get a Better Night Sleep

Many veterans will have a hard time sleeping at night and often feel restless. The reason why veterans have a hard time sleeping will vary. It may be due to the long days deployment conditioned them for, or it may be due to stress. Regardless as to the reason, exercise is a great way to help get better sleep. Not only is your mind and body tired after a workout, but it is also relaxed. As all exercise is great in helping people sleep better, martial arts is ideal as it focuses on internal meditation. Martial arts is considered to be a moving or active meditation that helps in many ways, including repairing circadian rhythm.

Help Control & Maintain Weight

Gaining or loosing too much weight can impact a person in a negative way. Controlling weight is important not just to maintain a healthy body, but confidence as well. Veterans will sometimes gain or even lose weight when they come home. After a veteran comes home it is important to have goals to keep them engaged. Exercise helps to maintain weight and set new goals. With exercise, especially martial arts where sparring and training with others is key, many people often want to stay healthy to maintain that competitive edge.

Training Veterans Out of Victorious Gym in Troy, Michigan

All exercise is good especially for veterans. However, veterans often need a place where like minds and others with similar experiences can come together. Veterans need a place to heal and overcome their personal changes and to transition from active duty to civilian society. At Foxhole you will have that place. Through martial training veterans can find the community and camaraderie they need.

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